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Trowbridge Appoints Debra Dowdell as CEO.

Canada is lagging behind when it comes to supporting women in leadership roles; in fact, the presence of Canadian women in senior management positions has stalled in the past two decades.  This shortcoming is noticeable both on a local and international scale, but one company is excited to have a strong leader at the helm, who just happens to be a woman!


TROWBRIDGE Professional Corporation is thrilled to announce the appointment of Debra Dowdell to Chief Executive Officer.  Debra joined the company two years ago as Director of Operations and has quickly become a vital and integral part of the organization. TROWBRIDGE is an international tax firm, specializing in expatriate tax and corporate program work. They have offices in Toronto, London UK, Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal.


In her new role as CEO, Debra will continue to focus on leading the development and implementation of the organization’s strategy.  She will be responsible for creating, communicating, and implementing the organization’s vision, mission and overall direction.


Debra offers a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion from a diverse business background.  She began her career working in public accounting and then went on to create her own consulting company, specializing in accounting firms and  working with many organizations such as the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, Intuit Canada, CCH/Wolters Kluwer and Carswell (a division of Thomson Reuters) to name a few. She’s been thrilled with the opportunity to be working with Trowbridge for the past couple of years and is very excited about the future of this vibrant international tax firm!


For over 15 years, Debra has proven to be a strategic-focused thinker, formulating successful strategies for practice management, HR, business development, leadership, operations, and financial management.  She’s also an engaging and passionate speaker, with several years of experience in Toastmaster’s and she continues to speak at various events.


Born and raised in Montreal, and having lived in Calgary for a few years, she calls Ontario her home and enjoys all that Toronto has to offer. Debra enjoys spending time with her daughter and hiking with her golden retriever.