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We take the worry out of international tax.

International Assignment Tax Solutions

Through our affiliation with the Global Tax Network, we provide Expatriate and Foreign National program development and support for organizations, including tax planning and preparation services related to employees on international assignment, transferring to a new country, or working temporarily outside of their home location (i.e., short term international assignments).

We focus on emerging to mid-sized international assignment programs. We have clients who are sending their first employee on assignment to companies that are looking to begin operations in Canada. We help company human resource professionals and relocation companies create a smooth employee experience, as well as assist with organizational policy, procedures and updates. Our services are also available directly to individuals with international tax needs.

Service Advantages

Our focus in this service field provides:

Tax professionals devoted to providing a full-range of International Assignment tax services, encompassing pre-assignment planning through repatriation 

Home and Host country individual income tax preparation 

Support and guidance for Human Resource and Payroll departments 

Updates, events and news related to global mobility tax