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Tax Services for Non-Resident Corporations

Looking to expand into Canada or perform services in the country? Trowbridge can help you navigate the unique requirements of the Canadian tax system. We can assist with your registration and filing requirements for income tax, payroll and the Goods and Services Tax (GST). We can ensure that you’re aware of your tax obligations in Canada and advise on your tax obligations and registration requirements with the Canadian tax authorities.

Recovery of Tax Withheld on Services Rendered in Canada
Already providing services in Canada as a non-resident? You may find that you’ve had Canadian and potentially Quebec tax withheld from your invoices. However, as a result of Canada’s tax treaties, non-residents may often be entitled to a refund of the the tax withheld. We can help your company determine its tax return filing obligations, obtain a refund where possible or even plan to avoid the withholding on your invoices altogether.

Expanding into Canada
If your company is planning to have a more permanent presence in Canada, we can help you plan your expansion to ensure you’re in compliance with the various filing requirements in Canada and its provinces. We understand the complexities involved in cross-border transactions and can help you develop a Canadian corporate structure to minimize taxes, while ensuring that you are aware of potential issues before they arise.

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